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Immerse yourself in warmth, water, steam and fragrance.

The mountains excite both the body and the soul. This is why we have used them as the scenery for our spa. The light-flooded facilities cover 1700 m2 and are marked by airiness and modernity. Extensive glass, terrazzo floors, bare concrete and spruce wood create a unique environment.

Indoor pool 29 °C

The indoor pool (16 x 8 m) is ideal for sport and games. Early risers particularly appreciate it as they often have it to themselves

Outdoor saltwater pool 34 °C

With the best view of the mountains, relax in our outdoor saltwater pool. The 34 deg C water is enriched with pure Rheinfelden salt. This is excavated from 200 metres below ground in the Rheinfelden-Riburg salt mines and is one of the strongest salts in Europe. Diluted with 93% Adelboden mineral water, it relaxes cramped muscles, improves circulation, eases joints and has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system. 

Hot air bathing

Himalayan Salt Sauna 70 °C
The backlit stones impart a wonderful interplay of light and colour, simultaneously relaxing and stimulating the observer. Warm air, enriched with salt, cleanses the air ways giving you the sense that you are breathing real sea air. The salt tiles for our hot air bath come from salt mountains between India and the Himalayas, and are mined from faces deep below the earth where they were formed millions of years ago.

External sauna 85–90 ºC
The external sauna, with room for 10 people, towers over the garden, and its large panoramic windows provide an expansive view of the mountains. Saunas increase resistance to colds and may also be used to treat certain other illnesses, for example problems of the vegetative nervous system.

Biosauna 60 ºC
This softer version purifies the body without putting any pressure on circulation. The new bio sauna, clad in dark Douglas fir, can accommodate six to eight people.

Steam baths

Eucalyptus Steam Bath (48°C)
The eucalyptus bath, whose dark granite has a somewhat archaic and massive feel to it, has a thoroughly revitalising effect. The pleasant aroma of the myrtle plant opens the air ways; combined with steam it cleanses and stimulates the skin.

Floral Steam Bath (40°C)
Allow yourself to be enticed by the fine and subtle scents. The moist warmth enlarges blood vessels, increasing the supply of oxygen and causing the skin to regain its suppleness. 

Cardio and fitness room

As a supplement to winter and summer sports we recommend our cardio and fitness room which is equipped with eleven items of Techno Gym equipment, two exercise bicycles and a body plate.

Sports and recreation programme

Six times per week in winter you have the possibility to participate in our guided sports and recreation programme. This consists of a changing line-up of activitiesgymnastique Body Forming, Aqua-Fit, Nordic Walking, Masai Walking, Pilates, Chi Yoga and Chi Ball.

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