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Alpine herbs for baths and wraps

Every culture celebrates bathing, including that of our region. At the “pour” spa, we foster it with high-quality and fragrant herbs from the Swiss Alps. Herbal baths stimulate circulation, banish tiredness and – much like herbal wraps and peelings – are the ideal preparation for a subsequent massage.

Float peacefully on warm water without getting wet

Surrounded by your choice of essences, relax deep in a 37° C soft pack. Ideal as preparation for a massage.

Evening Primrose Oil Wrap

Treatment with the high-quality natural product of the evening primrose plant gives incredible moisturisation and fights skin aging. The application, which is performed on a softwrap bed heated to body temperature, is also effective against various skin conditions.

Evening Primrose Oil Wrap, 30 min. CHF 80
Algae Wrap

Algae are a fountain of youth; they renew cells, which has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the body and the skin. The wrap is performed on the 37° C Softwrap bed.

Fango Wrap

The volcanic mineral slush contains mineral substances such as silica, aluminium oxide, iron oxide, clay and magnesium. The medicinal clay, ground to a powder, is mixed into a consistent paste with water and applied to the body in a 3 cm thick layer. The guest then waits for 20 minutes in the body-temperature softwrap bed. The Fango therapy purifies the body and encourages circulation and boosts the metabolism, which means that it is also a good preparation for a massage. The warm Fango removes toxins from the skin and softens the muscles.

Fango Wrap, 30 min. CHF 75

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