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Between Tradition and Modernity – an amusing balancing act

We are obviously a bit of a “Grand Old Lady”, with our 115 years and our insistence on service and hospitality. But at the same time, we follow the times, our cooking is contemporary and we can pamper you in a sensual, modern spa. This four-star plus hotel was completely renovated and sensitively returned to its roots by Basle architects Buchner Bründler between 2006 and 2013. In this comfortable, family atmosphere, surrounded by ancient, knotty maples and high mountains, you will find rest and happiness.

Entrusted with the pleasant task ...

Daily entrusted with the beautiful task of fulfilling your wishes and expectations: Franziska Richard, member of the owner family, with her 55-member team. They are happy to be your hosts.

Franziska Richard, Director

Franziska Richard (born in 1968) is a member of the Richard family which owns the hotel. She is a qualified hotelier-restaurateur (Hotel Management School Thun) and gained her professional experience both in first-class Swiss hotels and as a long-standing specialist journalist in the hotel and catering industry. In her free time, she likes to get inspiration from good restaurants and hotels, read, hike and travel.

Jürgen Willing, Chef de cuisine

Jürgen Willing has had the pleasure of heading the “Bellevue” kitchen since 2003. This native of Düsseldorf has professional experience in both traditional inns and Michelin-star restaurants in Germany and Switzerland. His cooking style? Elegant but spirited and never heavy. He particularly appreciates regional products. Jürgen Willing, who has a 15-year old son, is a big football fan. In the autumn he walks through the forest to look for mushrooms and along the lakes to fish.

Philipp Holz, Sous-Chef

Philipp Holz grew up on the Baltic Sea and encountered tourism there at an early age. The 29-year-old earned his spurs in renowned fish restaurants and on a luxury cruise ship. Then followed the move to Switzerland, including an engagement at the Hotel Lenkerhof *****. In his function as sous-chef, he is responsible for apprentice training and purchasing in addition to cooking. Paragliding is his great passion: "It makes me feel like a bird.

Katrin von Deschwanden, Director of Housekeeping

A love of eating and food is second nature to Katrin von Deschwanden. She and her three siblings grew up on a farm in Schliern bei Köniz. But it is also through family roots that she landed in Adelboden and has lived here a long time: her grandmother comes from here. This 29-year old Bernese runs the entire service department and trains our apprentices.

Gillian Fuhrmann, Restaurant manager

«Jeder Tag schenkt dir tausend Chancen», so lautet das Lebensmoto von Gillian Fuhrmann; und er gibt alles, um diese Chancen zu packen. Der 22-jährige Belgier ist zurzeit stellvertretender Restaurantleiter und ab 1. November rückt er in die Position 1. Seine grosse Passion: der Wein. In diesem Bereich bildet er sich derzeit zum Sommelier aus. Er kennt schon bald jede Ecke der Schweiz: An seinen freien Tagen zieht es ihn in schöne Städte und an Seen.

Martina Beck, Human Resources

Even though Martina Beck is not originally from the mountains, as she grew up in Bern, she knows ours better than many people. This comes from her great passion, hiking. Since her commercial apprenticeship, she has remained loyal to the hotel industry, first at the reception and for some years now in Human Resources. She has an open ear for everyone and everything.

Larissa Hari, Assistant Sales & Marketing

Born in Adelboden, ended up in Adelboden. This is how Larissa Hari sums up her career. She is the competent contact person for your reservations. This 24-year old earned a diploma from a hotel school, then broadened her knowledge of English and amassed professional experience in the USA and in Canada. She balances her work by playing tennis and curling and by cooking.

Brigitte Suter, Head of Front Office

Even as a child Brigitte Suter never got bored; she grew up on a farm with two siblings. Today, it is her job that keeps this native of Solothurn on her toes. A trained service employee, she graduated from the Hotel Management School in Thun a few years ago and is now head of the front office. She has lived in Adelboden for 9 years. She is infatuated with her two cats and enjoys hiking in the beautiful mountains.

Grzegorz Prawdzik, Head of maintenance

Gregor here, Gregor there. He gets called everywhere. The 38-year-old polymechanic is our Jack-of-all-trades. He is responsible for the functioning of all the technology, for maintenance and for the garden. Our Polish employee spent his apprenticeship and travelling years in Germany, Austria and France. And to contrast with his job, he enjoys skiing, biking and water sports.

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