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Beauty and care from head to toe

We can't make you younger, but we can fulfil your desire for peace, pampering and friendliness and help you to appear more relaxed and well cared-for. Our cosmeticians are experts at this – as is Yon-Ka, our partner of many years.

Best of Season: Facial Hydralessence Yon-Ka

In winter, the skin is particularly thirsty for moisture. This intensive moisturising treatment by Yon-Ka cares for the skin with nourishing seaweed and fruit extracts and makes it soft and smooth; small wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. An express hand treatment and a double moisturising mask round out this feel-good treatment.

Futher Facials

Le Grand Classique

With its five sequential cleansing phases, the 90-minute facial treatment offers intensive care and cleansing. The "great classic" – individually matched to your skin type – gives you a groomed and glowing appearance.

Classical facial, 90 min. CHF 165
Hydralessence Visage

In this intensive moisturising treatment (with deep cleansing), algae and fruit extracts moisturise the skin.

Excellence Contour, for mature skin

Regenerating facial care for mature skin Essential oils made from beech buds regenerate the skin while vitamins and trace elements provide abundant energy.

Eclat Cocon, with hot stone

Highly hydrating and relaxing facial with hot stones. Under the action of hot stones and precious aromatic oils, your complexion lights up and your face appears smoothed and replenished.

Escale Beauté, short facial

In a revitalising atmosphere of fresh citrus fruits and aromas from Provence, the facial treatment (without deep cleansing) gives you a relaxed and glowing appearance.


Manicure and cosmetical footcare


The exclusive  hand treatment with products from alessandro includes a cleansing hand bath, trimming and filing of the nails, treatment of the cuticles, a hand massage and a polish for women.  

Manicure, 60 min. CHF 85
Cosmetical foot care

After a cleansing footbath, the nails are trimmed and calluses and cuticles are removed and treated. This is followed by a beneficial peeling, a short massage and polishing (upon request).

Cosmetical Foot Care, 60 min. CHF 85


Depilation with wax


Upperlipp with wax

Upper lip, every 15 minutes CHF 25
Whole or part body

15 minutes CHF 25.00

Armpits, every 15 minutes CHF 25
Arms, every 15 minutes CHF 25
Bikini, every 15 minutes CHF 25
Legs, every 15 minutes CHF 25
Back, every 15 minutes CHF 25

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