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Daily entrusted with the beautiful task of taking care of your well-being - our 3-man spa team

Daniele Calzetta

His name sounds Italian and the cliché of the spirited Italian immediately comes to mind. Well, Daniele Calzetta does indeed come from Italy, but he is rather calm and level-headed, which is a great advantage in his work as a masseur. He has a very sound 3-year basic training in cosmetics and massage and has always deepened his knowledge with numerous further training courses. He gained his experience in the Italian luxury hotel industry.

Marlena Mikolajczyk

From a very young age, lively Marlena Mikolajczyk has stood on her own two feet thanks to her profession as a beautician, make-up artist and masseuse. Born in Poland, she left her home country to complete several years of training in Cologne. After a formative time on cruise ships and in the Austrian holiday hotel industry, she moved to Switzerland in 2018. She is very sociable and likes to spend her free time with friends.

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