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Enjoy the moment while doing something for your appearance and for your health. Our qualified masseurs will apply their extensive knowledge to your individual requirements.

Best of Season: Hot Stone Massage

Icy cold on the slopes; delicious warmth on the spa lounge chair. A hot stone massage in winter can hardly be bested. Developed in America on the basis of Indian healing, hot stone massages are entirely given over to the interplay and rituals of hot stones. The linking of massage, heat, aromatherapy and work on energies will relax you completely and lead to a state of profound well-being.


Further massages

Classical massage

In the classical massage the therapist applies the five classical grips – kneading, stroking, rubbing, tapping and shaking – in a targeted manner. This clears blockages, removes causes of tension, alleviates pain and encourages self-healing. The massage aids circulation and boosts the metabolism.

Classical Massage - whole body, 50 min. CHF 100
Classical Massage - part body, 25 min. CHF 65
Sport massage

This is a complement to classical massage. New grips are used in addition to the ones used in classical massage. With a sports massage the body can be prepared for upcoming physical exertion. 

Sports Massage - whole body, 50 min. CHF 100
Sports Massage - part body, 25 min. CHF 65
Aromatic oil relaxation massage

This gentle massage is based on high-quality, finely fragrant oils made of Swiss mountain herbs which the treatment provider will gather specifically for you.

Aromatic oil relaxation massage - whole body, 50 min. CHF 100
Aromatic oil relaxation massage - part body, 25 min. CHF 65
Herbal stamp massage

This gentle massage is based on high-quality, finely fragrant oils made of Swiss mountain herbs which the treatment provider will gather specifically for you.

Herbal stamp massage, 75 min. CHF 150

The hot stone massage uses ancient Native American healing methods. Its effectiveness is based on the combination of massage, aromatherapy, energy work and heat stimulation. Together with the aroma of the herb and almond oils, the heat stimulation leads to complete relaxation and deeper feeling of bodily wellbeing than in a regular massage.

Hot Stone Massage, 75 min. CHF 150
Hot Stone Massage, 40 min. CHF 100
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

In this traditional Hawaiian relaxation massage you will experience the feeling of tropical warmth and enjoy repetitive large-scale contact. This beneficial massage (75 min) can remove tensions from deep within the body.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage, 75 min. CHF 150

An intensive day of sports leads to tension and tired muscles. A foot bath and subsequent foot massage will quickly put things right. This is followed by the centrepiece of this comprehensive treatment, the sports massage for the back and legs (25 minutes), with a subsequent herbal wrap and cooling arnica gel.

Après-Sport, 75 min. CHF 150


Medical massages

Medical massage

A medical massage is suited for individual parts of the body and their specific problems, whether it be tension in the back/nape of the neck or problems with your knee or other joints. Individual methods can also be combined with each other.

Medical Massage, 50 min. CHF 115
Relaxation massage for the expectant mother

Based on the condition and month of pregnancy the back massage is performed while laid on one's side or in a sitting position. The focus is the shoulders and nape of the neck. We recommend that you consult your gynaecologist before the massage and any other treatments.

Relaxation Massage for the Expectant Mother, 40 min. CHF 90
Lymph drainage

This massage technique serves to purge your tissues. By means of soft pumping motions along your lymph channels the blocked tissue liquid is made to drain more quickly. The treatment is effective against dark circles around the eyes, impure skin, scars and oedemas.

Lymph Drainage - whole body, 50 min. CHF 110
Foot reflex zone massage

Fernbehandlung der Organe mittels Massage

Die Organe des Körpers haben eine Entsprechung an den Füssen. Nach einem Fussbad werden die Reflexzonen an den Füssen mit einer Druckpunktmassage aktiviert, was die Organe stimuliert. Die Behandlung wirkt bei Beschwerden am Bewegungsapparat, bei Kopfschmerzen, Migräne sowie bei Verdauungs- und Durchblutungsstörungen.

Foot reflex zone massage, 50 min. CHF 110
Shiatsu massage

This massage from Japan is based on the technique of acupuncture. The treatment loosens and removes energy blockages by means of pressure applied to the tense areas using the hands and often the elbows and knees. This encourages the flow of energy and balances an excess or lack of energy in the body.

Available from October to April.

Shiatsu Massage, 60 min. CHF 140


Body treatments

Phyto-Detox Yon-Ka

Entgiftende Behandlung mit Kompresse und Massage

Bei wohliger Wärme entspannen und eine mit Mineralsalzen angereicherte Pflege geniessen. Mit warmer Kompresse für die Füsse, Entgiftungsmassage und Wickel.

Phyto-Detox, 75 min. CHF 120
Hydralessence Corps Yon-Ka

Intensive Feuchtigkeitspflege mit Algen

Die wohltuende Behandlung mit belebendem Algen-Salz-Peeling sorgt für eine zarte, geschmeidige Haut. Kompressen, eine Algenmaske und eine Massage schenken Ihnen entspannende Momente.

Hydralessence Corps, 75 min. CHF 120
Peeling with alpine herbs

Reinigt und erquickt. Mit den Kräutern, die am besten zu Ihrer Stimmung und Verfasstheit passen: ob Lavendel, Rosmarin, Arnika, Johanniskraut, Malve, Arve oder Rosen.

Peeling with herbs CHF 75
Algae and salt peeling

Belebendes Peeling aus grobkörnigem Meersalz und Ölen

Reinigt und erquickt. Die anschliessende Körperpflege versorgt die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit.

Algae and salt peeling CHF 75


Inform us

Booking requests

Book your treatments as early as possible, even from home – this will make it easier for us to try to ensure that you receive your desired booking.

Important information

In order to ensure optimal care, we ask that you inform us of any health issues and recent operations at the time of booking. In the event of pregnancies, certain treatments are only permitted beginning from the 4th month. Prior consultation with a doctor is recommended.


Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments in the spa

For the courtesy of other guests we ask that you give us 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. As is customary, short notice cancellations will result in a 80% charge of scheduled services.

Reimbursement of your treatment costs by your supplementary insurance

The EMR label of quality (Empirical Medical Register) achieved by our masseuses stands not only for a high level of skill, it also allows guests with supplementary insurance to claim reimbursement for their treatment costs. We recommend that you seek clarification prior to your stay.


Kinder und Jugendliche haben Zutritt zu Hallenbad, Aussensolebad und Fitnessbereich. Saunas und Dampfbäder sind Erwachsenen vorbehalten. Aufgrund der anregenden Wirkung des Salzwassers sollten sich Kinder nicht länger als 10 Minuten im Solebad aufhalten.


Children and adolescents may use the indoor pool, outdoor salt-water pool and the fitness area. The saunas and steam baths are reserved for adults. Due to the high salt content of the salt-water pool, children should not remain in the water for more than 10 minutes.


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